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Drama In Hotel As Man Physically Gets Stuck Inside Married Woman While Making Love [Video]

A cheating married woman received the disgrace of a lifetime when her boyfriend became lodged inside her during a romp at hotel.

After rumors spread that her husband had ordered a witch doctor to put a curse on her private parts, local authorities and medical specialists were brought in to help a cheating wife and her lover stay stuck together during the love making.

Authorities were called in to restore peace at Daraja Mbili Market in Kisii County, Kenya, according to K24TV, after a throng gathered to observe a dishonest duo. The woman’s husband, it is believed, was aware that his wife had been cheating on him and decided to use charm on her.

The event occurred near Daraja Mbili Market at a West Gauge accommodation where the lovers were romping while the woman’s husband was gone on business.

The episode was classified as ‘penis captivus,’ in which the woman’s Akosua-kuma contracted too much and contained the man’s joystick, according to experts.

Locals, on the other hand, claimed that the woman’s husband must have sought out a local witch-doctor after suspecting his wife of illicit activities and employed a charm to try to trap her.

When the two lovers discovered the man was trapped inside, they began yelling for aid, which quickly escalated to screaming as they became more anxious to get him out. People came to see the scene unfold as the two were wrapped in a cloth.

They were eventually carried through Daraja Mbili Market by a good Samaritan to a neighboring witch-doctor, who performed ceremonies to unlock them.
Annette Mutheu, a local magic specialist, said she’d camped in Kisii town to put an end to adultery in marriages.

Joystick captives is a rare phenomenon in intercourse in which the vaginal muscles clamp down on the penis much more strongly than usual ( a type of vaginismus ), preventing the man’s joystick from withdrawing from the Akosua-kuma.

Watch The Video Below:


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