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Drama As Okada Rider Impregnates His Landlord’s Wife And Daughter

Residents were treated to a show as one tenant, Richard, fought for his life after his landlord learned he had pregnant both his wife and daughter.


According to the report, Mr. Nyauta’s tenant Richard is Okada rider and has always given his landlord’s wife a lift to town. Richard was said to be giving her landlady a ride on a daily basis with his landlord’s agreement.

The landlord and his wife have three lovely children and have been married for 20 years. When word reached the landlord, who happens to be a teacher and is always home late.

Mr. Nyauta confronted Richard with the rumor at first, which he disputed. According to neighbors, the landlord’s wife and their oldest daughter had a serious misunderstanding a week ago when the mother and daughter argued in Richard’s room.

Since the altercation, there has been a significant amount of tension between the mother and her daughter, which the husband (Landlord) was completely unaware of.


Months later (just yesterday), the landlord’s daughter complained to her mother about her inability to flow during the month, so they checked her and discovered she was two months pregnant.

She confessed by claiming that their tenant, Richard, was to blame. Meanwhile, Richard’s 3-month-old pregnancy was being carried by the mother. Until the wife went to one of the pharmacies to buy abortion drugs, the landlord was unaware.

The pharmacist, who also happens to be Mrs Nyauta’s husband friend, notified the husband (Landlord) that he had sold abortion pills to the wife.

Following repeated disagreements with Nyauta, the wife informed her husband yesterday that she and her daughter are expecting Richard’s children. For a brief moment, the landlord was taken aback.

Mr. Nyauta, the landlord, was about to lynch the tenant, but the other tenants intervened. Richard has been evicted from his home with immediate effect, and his wife has also been evicted. Despite the fact that they are separated, the couple has yet officially divorce. The daughter, on the other hand, continues to live with her landlord father.

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