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Cooking Pot Thieves Beating By Mob, One Dies

A mob in Betom, a suburb of New Juaben South Municipality in the Eastern Region, tormented two alleged thieves.

After being taken to the Eastern Regional Hospital, one of the suspects has died.

The event happened early Tuesday morning.

Some adolescents allegedly arrested the two victims and another accomplice who managed to flee while attempting to steal large Alluminium cooking pots belonging to a Chop bar operator in Betom.

The two suspects were brutalized and tormented by the mob, who inflicted nail and cutlass wounds on them.

The mob dragged and abandoned the suspects at Apenteng Hall because they were in risk of dying.

During the morning, this attracted a large number of passers-by, some of whom threw things at the suspects, who were bleeding from many injuries.

One of the suspects begged for water, oatmeal, and bread, which he received from a good Samaritan.

They were rescued by police and taken to the Eastern Regional Hospital, where one of them was reportedly pronounced dead.

Theft and burglary cases are on the rise in the New Juaben Municipality, causing locals to become enraged.

Similar mob activities have resulted in the arrest of a few people in various areas throughout the Municipality this year.


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