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Coffin Makers Complain Of Disappointing Sales Despite More Deaths In Ghana

Following the country’s worst sales performance in years, the Ghanaian Association of Coffin Makers is urging the government to prohibit the importation of coffins.

Local manufacturers are frustrated with a slowdown in business as coffin builders deal with an unanticipated spike in demand for coffins.


The Association Secretary, Effah Poku, told Kasapa News on Wednesday that sales decreased throughout the year due to limited patronage of local coffin production.

“We want the government to levy a high import tax on coffins imported from China and elsewhere.” Our market is being flooded with made-in-China coffins, which is ruining it. We used to be able to sell 5-10 items per month, but that has changed. “Selling three coffins in a month is now impossible,” he told Kasapa FM’s Akwasi Nsiah.

He went on to remark, “We’re not praying for people to die so we can make more money; that’s the last prayer we’d ever say.” But we’re hoping that at the very least, the dead bodies in hospital morgues will come and buy a coffin to take care of it.”

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