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Car Tape Thief Fell Asleep During His Operation And Got Caught

There are two types of car thieves; the ones who would steal the entire car and the ones who would ‘harvest’ its parts and sell it for profit.

A suspect is currently in police custody for attempting to steal the car radio. Unfortunately for him, his operation was flawed when he decided to take a nap after successfully removing the radio from its compartment.

The suspect who is aware of the dangers of coronavirus as he had his nose mask on was found the next morning fast asleep by the owner of the taxi who was ready to go to work.


Zinder Kossivic, a photographer, posted this hilarious story in the popular Facebook group, Trotro Diaries.

The one in nose mask came to steal my brother’s car’s radio and got chance to sleep small. Unfortunately, he couldn’t wake up early and got caught. He is in a dropping to the nearest police station!

Please no one should ask me if we’re from Volta wae!!!

He knows that coronavirus exists and he is protected to live long to be stealing tapes.

Speaking to Zinder, he said he would not want to put the exact police station out for security reasons.

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