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Bank Refuses To Let LGBTQ+ Couple Open Joint Account After Social Media Outcry

Despite the fact that LGBTQ+ relationships were decriminalized in the country, members of the community still face significant challenges in gaining even a sliver of acceptance. A bank recently refused to issue a joint savings account for an LGBT couple, citing this as an example.

A Twitter user recently brought the incident to light. Due to the bank’s recent ComeAsYouAre charter, the user and her partner went to Axis Bank to establish an account. The user’s surprise was that the experience did not go as planned.

First, branch workers mistook the user and her partner for business partners and recommended them to open a “current joint account.” When the user stated that she was in a same-sex relationship, she was advised that only family members or blood relatives are eligible for a savings account.

She was also required to show proof of her relationship status. The customer was told categorically that opening a joint savings account was not an option. When she inquired about the bank’s policy being implemented without sufficient training for its staff, she was told that the policy was only recently implemented.

Others on the Internet were outraged by the episode, with many criticizing the bank for the disparity between its standards and practices.


Similar issues with the bank were also noted by certain individuals.

The situation, however, had a happy conclusion. In a subsequent update, the user stated that she had been contacted by Axis Bank and was summoned to the bank.

The bank informed her and her boyfriend that new LGBTQ+-friendly policies would be implemented soon, as well as assisting them in opening a joint account. While completing the banking requirements, the woman stated that she was not required to sign any documents to establish her relationship.

On the third anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling declaring Section 377 unlawful, Axis Bank released its ComeAsYouAre charter. The policy, which went into effect on September 20th, was designed to encourage inclusion, diversity, and equity among the bank’s clients and employees.

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