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Ashawo Association Of Ghana Introduces R-Levy To Reduce Price If Parliament Approve 2022 Budget

Prostitutes Association in Ghana locally known as “Ashawo,” and “toutou” has introduced R-levy to lower their prices if the 2022 budget is approved by parliament.

This came when the Ghanaian government introduced a new system called E-levy to tax MoMo subscribers.

According to the Ghanaian Ashawo Association, the scheme was implemented to lower their prices for clients who signed up for the finest service due of government taxation, which they believe will affect them.

There will also be a live cam service for clients who want to make video calls from their home.

In an interview with Wish Media, they indicated that there will be only one pricing in every location in order to keep their business active by lowering their price by 1.50% on each offer.

The government’s introduction of the E-levy is going to bring our business to a halt, so we’re trying to band together and agree on a single price to maintain our operations.

If the government or parliament approves the 2021 budget, there will be difficulty in Ghana, and we are taking this action to show our appreciation for our customers’ service. We can’t afford to stay in this nation without them, they added.




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