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Angry Woman Goes [email protected] On The Streets And Curses Boyfriend [Video]

A video trending shows a woman spotted dragging her [email protected] butt in front of a fenced compound and pronouncing curses on her boyfriend.

According to sources, she is cursing her fiance but what actually led to her actions is not known. Meanwhile, it is suspected that the man let her down in their relationship and that has led to a buildup of grief in her heart.

Cars were seen passing by as she was doing this but she never gave up until she was done with what she intended doing.


This video has left a lot of people talking, with must people suggesting that the man goes back to beg her for whatever pain be might have caused her as it might not go well with him.

Men must learn how to treat their partners with great care as a happy woman can pray fervently for your success.

Watch The Video Below:


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