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All My Ex-Boyfriend Want Me Back Because My Akosua Kuma Is Sweet – Lady Brags [Video]

AfricaWish discovered a lovely lady addressing her fans why her past boyfriends continuously attempt to come back to her all because of one item in a video posted on social media.

The most potent tool for disseminating information from one person to another or across the country has been social media.

All of her previous boyfriends, according to the lady, want to come back to her because her thing is sweet for them.

She’s been using what she’s learned from her to make her item sweeter than honey. While making her thing sweeter, the lady didn’t go any further to clarify the exact stuff she has been using for this. “She says,” she says.


“My thing is sweeter than honey, so all my ex’s what to come back to me”.

Watch The Video Below:

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