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Akuffo Addo’s Award Is The Biggest Insult Ever – Black Rasta

Ghana’s most well-known reggae artists, Black Rasta says president Nana Addo Dankua Akufo-Addo receiving award is the biggest insult ever.

Since he was elected into office, Black Rasta has been attacking the current president and his method of running the country.


President Akuffo Addo, according to Black Rasta, does not deserve to be named African of the Year. He claimed that the president deserved no such honor and that the medal should have gone to other African leaders who deserved it. He further claimed that the president’s manner of speaking does not indicate that he is African.

He then went after FORBES, blasting them for handing the honors to the incorrect individual. He described the president’s award as the “worst insult ever.”

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