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8 Criminals Arrested At NPP Conference

The Ashanti Regional Police Command has detained eight suspected offenders at the ruling New Patriotic Party’s National Delegates’ Conference in Kumasi.

The alleged thieves entered Heroes Park and began picking pockets among the delegates, drawing the notice of the security presence present, who arrested them.

They were able to take the delegates’ cell phones, wallets, and luggage.

When other delegates learned of their presence and decided to attack them, they were taken away from the venue by the police in a patrol van.


The Police were able to recover some Indian hemp and scissors from them, according to Chief Supt Adane-Ameyaw – 2IC in charge of Legal and Prosecution for Ashanti Region.

Despite the fact that there was strong security at each entry leading to the conference grounds, the suspects allegedly entered the conference grounds with a tag, according to the police.

He also stated that the police are present on the grounds to ensure the safety of the delegates.

He said the suspects had been transported to the Regional Police Command to help with the investigation.

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