We Are Going To Create 1 Million Jobs In Three Years – NPP


The Ministry of Tourist, Arts, and Culture has struck an agreement with the Spanish government to ensure tourism industry capacity building.

Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, said the sector aims to create one million employment in the next three years.

He plans to accomplish this through training 150,000 individuals, with a focus on young people and women in various businesses.

Spain is the world’s second-most-visited country, and he thinks that this relationship would enable Ghana to learn from their mistakes and become the world’s most popular tourist destination.

Tourism generates one out of every four employment in Ghana, according to the Sector Minister.

Another motivation for this collaboration is to increase capacity among industry players such as hotels, restaurants, and tour and travel companies.

That, according to the Minister, is why the INCYDE foundation and the Spanish government have formed a cooperation.


The INCYDE foundation is a Spanish organization committed to entrepreneurship promotion and training.

This relationship will assist in the development of 120,000 people in the country’s tourist value chain.

“The largest tourist visits we have had was in 2019, with 1.1 million individuals visiting the country,” he said, adding that “we want to do tourism with two million tourists every year this year and beyond.”

To improve the sector, the ministry wants to build 5% tourist incubators in Ghana this year. The goal of establishing high-tech incubators is to create new jobs for the new economy, as well as to increase the sector’s competitiveness.

Mar Casanova Llorens, the INCYDE foundation’s international affairs head, said the arrangement will train people who will then be in the country to train others, as well as businesses.

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