Assembly Members Return Monies Allegedly Gifted Them By Mayor


The money reportedly offered to them by the rejected Cape Coast Mayor, Hon. Ernest Arthur, which they claim was handed to them to persuade them to approve the nomination, has been returned by some outraged assembly members of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly.

Concerned Assembly Members stated that they are not in the Metropolitan Assembly to accept bribes in order to approve the mayor, as this would be unconstitutional.

Usman Abban, the group’s head, told the media that they turned down the money because they are committed to upholding the integrity of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly because the city’s progress is at stake.

He explained that they voted against the President’s choice for the second time because of his disrespect for Cape Coast’s elders and the staff with whom he works, and that such behavior will not bode well for the city’s future.


“We took this tough stance in light of the gentleman in question’s odd attitude toward Cape Coast’s elders and people, as well as the Technocrats with whom he works.” He completed projects without using the assembly line. We also sympathize with our colleague, whose appointment he cancelled without explanation to the assembly members yesterday during our vote session.

“Finally, and maybe most crucially, we’ve come to return the funds he gave us, the Concerned Assembly members, as a gift to entice us to vote for him because we didn’t accomplish his goal.” Usman Abban stated, “We present the complete sum.”

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