We Will Create Jobs That People Will Be Imported From Abroad To Work In Ghana – NPP [Video]


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) made lavish promises to Ghanaians, including the creation of jobs for all of the country’s youth.

Indeed, the NPP vowed in their manifestos to prepare Ghana for entrepreneurial success by assisting any Ghanaian with a business idea in establishing their firms and employing others.

The NPP, led by Akufo-Addo, was nimble in their pursuit of power, ensuring that promises were made that went straight to the hearts of Ghanaian voters, persuading them beyond all reasonable doubts to vote for them.

Today, we’ll look at one of the films that emerged from one of the NPP’s campaign stops, in which they pledged to create enough jobs that individuals would be imported to fill the open positions.

The commitment was made public by John Boadu, the NPP’s General Secretary, and was enthusiastically received by the party’s throngs of followers. Many people were positive about the NPP and its promises, despite the fact that some of the pledges were unrealistic and impracticable.


“The NPP would create enough jobs that people will be imported to Ghana to work,” John Boadu and the NPP claimed.

However, it is clear that promise has failed to materialize because many Ghanaians remain unemployed. Those that are employed are paid pitiful wages, have little job security, and are searching for ways to get out of the system.

What happened to the pledge then? What went wrong, exactly? When may Ghanaians anticipate those jobs to become available? These are innocuous inquiries to the powers-that-be.

Below Is The video To Watch:

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