I haven’t Abandoned Ashanti Region, Massive Dev’t Ongoing – Akufo-Addo


President Nana Akufo-Addo has refuted charges that his government has abandoned the Ashanti Region, which has been dubbed the NPP’s “global bank” for electoral purposes.

The NPP has won both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in the region since the fourth Republic in 1992.

His critics have criticised President Akufo-Addo for failing to embark on any big development in the region that correlates to the number of votes his party receives during elections.

President Akufo Addo, speaking on Kumasi’s Pure FM on Monday, accused his political opponents of making the false assertion.


“I’ve been coming here [Kimasi] since I was a child, and I’ve never seen anything like the road development that is currently taking place in the Ashanti Region. It isn’t perfect, and there are many spots where we can make improvements, but in terms of road construction in the Ashanti Region, this is the most significant in history.

“This is heartening to me, and there will be more to come. For example, asphalt has been laid on 80 percent of the roads in Nhyieso, with more to follow. Two major developments are scheduled to begin next year. The Suame Interchange, which will be Ghana’s second four-tier interchange, will be located in Kumasi.

“The NPP’s commitment to Ashanti is both in word and deed, and I have no question about it given the current developments. This is our base; they vote for us, but we don’t do anything for them, according to the NDC. That is not the case; anyone who is objective and walks about would notice that it is not the case.”

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