I Got A Tear-Rubber Wife – Man Gushes Over His Virgin Wife, Shames His Ex-Girlfriends By Sharing Blood-Stained Bedsheet [Photos]


A man is ecstatic after learning that his wife was a true virgin who kept herself hidden from men until their honeymoon night.

This overjoyed man shared a blood-stained bedsheet with doubters and others who would think he was making everything up, proving that his wife had her first sexual contact with him.

The wife also sent a message to her restless exes who were not willing to wait till marriage to have their way with her by posting the photo on Facebook.

Izuchi is a joyful man who has expressed gratitude to the stars for providing him with a tear-rubber wife.

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Izuchi also shared that his wife has been receiving plaudits and gifts from people all over for keeping her virginity till marriage, He shared a screenshot of money received by his wife from an unknown person appreciating her decision to stay chaste.

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