Akufo-Addo Started Sitting In Airplanes Before You Were Born – Presidential Staffer To Ablakwa


The latest to have joined the bandwagon of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) members who have disagreed with the lawmaker and accused him of hypocrisy is Presidential Staffer Abugri Emmanuel.

He did not only disagree with Mr. Ablakwa but also went further to attempt to expose his humble past before he became who he is today.

Abugri took to his Facebook page to vent his displeasure about Ablakwa’s consistent criticism of Akuf-Addo’s foreign trips via expensive luxury private jets while the presidential jet is in good condition.

“The politics of a graduate without any working experience who now has 3-speed boats packed in his 6 bedroom mansion in Juapong because he is an MP, telling a man who started sitting in airplanes before he (Ablakwa) was born as someone who is insensitive?” he asked, adding: “Ablakwa, we remember your green Golf 2 paaa. We used to push it for you.”

“Some so-called vegetarians are telling us it is bad to eat chicken but they rather end up eating the most expensive omelette that costs more than 10 chicken. Ablakwa and his speed boats inside his 6 bedroom mansion in Juapong on my mind.”


Aside from questioning the logic behind the President’s decision to abandon the state-owned private jet and instead blow millions of the country’s scarce resources on foreign travels, Ablakwa has also vowed that the minority caucus in parliament will kick against any attempt to procure a new airplane.

Director of Communications at the presidency, Eugene Arhin had announced that processes were underway to purchase a bigger airplane for use by the president for his travels.

But Ablakwa described the move as insensitive on the part of the government, considering the hardship in the country and how ordinary Ghanaian taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet.

Akufo-Addo started sitting in airplanes before you were born - Presidential Staffer to Ablakwa  

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