Stop Putting Unnecessary Pressure On Akufo-Addo To Fix Ghana – Hopeson To Ghanaians


Hopeson Adorye, a key member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has criticized calls on Ghana’s president to fix the country as “unnecessary pressure.”

Ghana’s youth have used social media to call on the country’s leaders to change what they deem a dysfunctional system.

The youth, using the hashtag #fixthecountry, have told the administration that focusing on youth development is critical.

Following several weeks of social media advocacy, Ghanaian youth took to the streets of Accra to express their dissatisfaction with the country’s failing system. A similar procedure was carried out in Takoradi, the Western regional capital.


In an interview with an American online TV station, Hopeson Adorye said, “Unfortunately, Akufo-Addo wasn’t lucky, therefore people are placing undue pressure on him.” Because you can’t just wake up and beg Akufo-Addo to fix the country, I’m using the term “unnecessary pressure.” We’re supposed to be laser-focused because even America wasn’t built overnight.

They must pick and choose what they expect the government to repair. So, if people say the government should fix the roads, that sector is under pressure to fix all of them. But, if you say “repair the country,” what exactly do you mean? If fixing the country in one go was possible, why hadn’t someone been in charge for eight years before we arrived, and why hadn’t that government done so?” he said.

Using examples of the NPP’s agenda for the country while in opposition, Hopeson Adorye stated that the party hammered on “Dumsor” and ensured that it was fixed to better the lives of citizens, and that they expect the youth of the country to use such focus to ensure that the country’s needed growth is recorded.


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