Military Man In Trouble After Shooting At Nana Addo’s Presidency Officials [Video]


After firing a gun unlawfully, an official of the President of the Republic of Ghana was seen in a brawl with a military member, with other authorities present.

Some security professionals or law enforcement officers are given particular privileges, which they occasionally misuse, according to a video released by GhOneTV. This has become one of the most frightening issues.

The reason for this is that these are individuals who have been asked by the state or by law to protect the public.
As a result, any sort of physical activity that does not accomplish its intended goal or objective but has the potential to harm a person is forbidden on all levels.


According to the footage, Army Commander fired a warning shot into the sky, injuring a man who happens to be the president’s chief of assets.

Observers and bystanders are baffled as to why the military officer fired this shot.
He made some quite frightening remarks after a conflict with the men who had been assaulted by the army officer, a weapon in his hands.

Watch The Video Below:

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