Meet The World’s Youngest Ghanaian Artist & Social Media Influencer, Who Earned $1,500 Per Day On Instagram [Photos]


Eric Amoafo is a Ghanaian Artist and social media Influencer born on May 29,1997.

Eric Shol, as he is called on social media, is a proud graduate of Bepong Senior High School.

When it comes to how Eric became an artist, he considers it a hobby that he has had since infancy, thus putting his creativity on paper is not difficult for him.

A lot of brands use it to assist them grow their business on social media.

He feels that the place in which he finds himself is the source of his inspiration.

His main issue with his profession is gaining client trust, which is a difficulty that many businesses confront.

Eric is a tool for many people who want to increase followers on social media, particularly Instagram.

He has devised techniques to assist them in obtaining the desired numbers, and as a result, he has become a true Instagram celebrity in Ghana.


Eric’s Photos Below:

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