VIDEO: I Slept With My Cousin Several Times In Our Matrimonial Bed – Woman Cries For Forgiveness


A woman in an interview by Dr Ofweneke in Rembo television cried while seeking for forgiveness from his husband whom she had abandoned.

According to her, she left her husband after being successful in her business which made her thought she could now stand a lone and started sleeping with her cousin.

While explaining how it all started, the young woman said that they used to live with her husband who was seeming so stingy. She said that her husband would only give her ksh. 100 for her daily meal something that to her was too small for a beautiful woman like her.

When her husband suggested of her starting a small scale business of selling vegetables, she complained that she couldn’t do such business for she is more beautiful for such kind of business.

However, she later started working in one of the bars as an attendant which made her save a lot of money and started her own wines and spirits business. The business upon growing so much and yielding much profits, she left her husband for her cousin.


The husband later married and is now filthy rich. She is therefore seeking for forgiveness from her long left husband.

Watch The Video Below:

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