Woman Quits Job After Winning GH¢54,982.80 From Sports Betting


The odds offered by the Bettors Association enabled a woman from Hoima to win a huge UGX324million [GH¢54,982.80] in sports betting with an investment of only Shs100,000 according to the odds provided by the association.

A factory worker named Stella joined the Uganda Bettors Association in an attempt to try her hand at gambling because she was experiencing financial difficulties. Her prayers were eventually answered when she finally demanded a higher payout and put her hard-earned money on the line in a bet.

Stella claims that she purchased a Backroom ticket and requested that she be issued a running ticket valid for two days.

The woman said that she had never won a single wager since she began betting, but she now feels that the possibility of winning a large sum of money existed in the gambling world.

She claims to have spent over a million dollars on gambling but has only ever won a maximum of Shs100,000 in prize money.


She has now stated that she will no longer be employed, but rather that she wishes to be an employer herself.

The Uganda Bettors Group has been assisting suffering gamblers in reclaiming what they have lost in betting for the past few years, and many have come forward publicly to confess and express gratitude to the betting association.

They provide a variety of packages, including free tips, ordinary, VIP, and VVIP. They also have a backstage ticket with odds ranging from 300 to over 1,000 to win. Their fixed games are only available in East Africa, and in order to have access to them, one must purchase a lifetime membership.

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