Dwarf Looking Female Who Graduated With 1st Class Bedroom Photos Leâked By Her Photographer [View]


A treading bedroom photos making wave seen by AfricaWish.com on social media has it that, celebrity photographer has mistakenly post bedroom pictures of his female customer in a WhatsApp group.

According to the Twitter user who share the pictures source, the group members did not know the reason for doing that but the photographer got the pictures deleted which many think it might be a mistake somewhere.

The victim Fatima Timbo, A 22 – year – old Dwarf who became an internet sensation in 2019 after she shared her graduation pictures on Instagram. Many people were shocked because Fatima didn’t only graduate from the university, she graduated with a first – class degree in accounting.

Growing up, Fatima faced a lot of discrimination in high school. It got to a point where she decided to quit school but she didn’t realize she was a strong young woman. Fatima seems to have beaten all odds to achieve what might seem impossible.


Ever since her graduation, Fatima became widely famous and she’s also quite active on social media. Fatima has a verified Instagram account with 59K followers. Although she has a degree in accounting, Fatima also works as a model and a video vixen.

Dancing is her hobby and she’s quite good at it. Lots of individuals with physical appearances look up to her as a role model. Fatima is currently living a fruitful life and she seems happy.

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