We’re also soldiers; give us ‘ammunition’ to fight – GRMNA to Government


Members of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwifery Association (GRNMA) have likened their work to soldiers on the battlefield protecting the country against intruders and calling the government to furnish them with the necessary logistics to fight.

According to the leadership of GRMNA in the Ashanti Region, their work is equally important as any other professionals in the country but the attention in terms of logistics from the government is not enough to enable them to discharge their duty effectively and efficiently.

“Nursing can be likened to the military straightway, military people witness people dying and their colleagues die at the workplace and they become traumatized. They go through physiotherapy and the rest.   So the military has counselors. But in our health sector, I can’t even mention five hospitals in the Ashanti Region which must have psychologists available”, Mr. Phillip Boateng Ashanti Regional President of GRNMA bemoaned.

Speaking on Orange Healthcare Lounge, members of GRNMA in the region appealed to the government to establish Clinical and Counseling Units in various hospitals in the region to check stress and drug abuse among healthcare professionals.


“The physiological trauma nurses go through put us to some extent emotional abuse and at times, as humans, we can lose our urge. We have a lot of healthcare professionals who are abusing the medication, sleeping pills”, he revealed to the host

“The nurse gives soothing words to patients and the relatives”, Mr. Philip Boateng added calling the government, philanthropists and individuals to assist the dire situation.

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