My proposal was rejected, I couldn’t stand the humiliation – Student cries after failed suicide


Fifteen (15) years old, Faustina couldn’t stand more of the humiliation from her colleagues when news broke that her proposal has been turned away.

The teenager and a second-year Electrical student at the Takoradi Technical Institute who had dreams of becoming an Electrical Engineer, attempted suicide to end her misery.

She took Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) late Thursday afternoon after a terrible experience in school. The mother was struck by fear of losing the daughter when she spotted her lying on the ground groaning and with the mouth foaming.

Faustina without questioning was rushed to the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in the Western Region for emergent treatment. Doctors realizing, she had taken a harmful substance initiated a detoxification procedure to save her life.

Upon gaining consciousness, the student told the mother that she has become a laughing stock on campus after the outgoing prefects turned down her proposal to become an Entertainment Prefect when the incumbent leaves. That was a bold approach by the young and aspiring engineer but her hope was shutter by the actions of the prefect who claim she wasn’t fit for the role.

No one knows how this became the news on campus. For weeks, everyone was gossiping about her and calling her a loser. Faustina told the mother; “I couldn’t stand the humiliation and wanted to end my life.”


The mother was dismayed as the daughter never spoke to her about what she was going through.

She cried the daughter would have died as a result of the emotional distress she was experiencing on campus. The school authorities have been informed about the situation, and it is expected that investigations would be caused into the matter.

Those who have been pestering and calling Faustina names would be invited by the disciplinary committee and sanctioned for bullying their colleague. For Faustina, the psychologist at the hospital may have to take her through some therapy to get her to recover fully; physically, and psychologically.

She was as at this today stabilized and responding to treatment. Doctors feared the volume of the toxic substance was huge, and that it will take some more days for her to be completely detoxified.

The therapy could extend to her playmates on campus. Her story is an addition to several cases of high school bullying. Only a few students had been able to overcome this kind of maltreatment from their colleagues. Some students tend to withdraw as a result and eventually leaves the school when things get unbearable.

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