HOT: Bedroom video of Abena Moet on Neat FM with her husband Lêaked (watch)


A video making sound seen by shows the newly wedded Abena Moet of Neat FM doing it in the bed room with her husband.

The Ghanaian radio personality Abena Moet who just got married some months ago in Accra gained a massive publicity after posting the video on her social media handle and deleted it after.

In the video seen, they were playing romantic role on the bed while the husband kissing and sucking her b00bs.

Not long ago, the newly wedded Abena Moet says there is nothing special about marriage.


According to her, marriage is just like a regular daily routine with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Moet, who is on honeymoon with her husband, shared her marriage experience with her followers on social media, saying ‘it isn’t a sh*t’.

“Let me tell you. The way everybody makes a fuzz about marriage, it isn’t sh*t. It’s nothing,” she said in a video she posted on her Instagram page. “There’s nothing special about it (marriage). It’s only for a man to be sending you anyhow.”

Watch The Video Below:

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