How Okada riders saved a lady from committing suicide on Circle Interchange [photos]


According to the report, the lady was lying on the circle Dubai overhead street when one of the riders nearly hit her (lucky him) he got off his bike and helped her from the street. Apprantly she wanted to end her life. Life no easy comrades.

Later other bikers joined and same did. We taught there was an accident so we could help out. I mostly stop by when I see a rider packed by the road side to offer help.

The lady said she’s been kicked out from where she was and had nothing on her to return to Nigeria. She’s been in Ghana for sometime now and so so struggling sorrr so in order to make life easy for her she decided to end it on Dubai.

All hope ain’t lost in humanity. We all there turned counsellors at once and encouraged her not to end her life for better days are ahead.


One guy opted to send her to the station so she could go back to Nigeria.

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