Man vanish from restaurant over bill after Lady he invited for lunch show up with 3 other girls


Currently going viral on various Facebook platforms is the funny story of how one unnamed Ghanaian absconded from a restaurant and refused to pay GH₵600 for the items he and his date plus three other ladies ordered.  

Apparently, the man was so angry that the lady he took out on a first date brought along three other girls and he registered his disdain towards the lady’s lack of courtesy by ‘ghosting’ her and the uninvited guests.

Under the pretext of withdrawing money from the bank, the guy vanished into thin air just like that and when reality dawned on the lady that guy was too long in returning, he WhatsApped him.

The guy then told her bluntly through their conversation that it was a big mistake for her to have brought three other people without his knowledge.


He then asked her to take of the bills because he obviously wouldn’t return after which he rained insults on her friends who were eating like there was no tomorrow.

See the chat below;

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