Trending video of a Ghanaian and German husband hitched in gay marriage [watch]


A trending video of two gays tying the knot, One of them identified as Cosmos was believed to be a Ghanaian while the other was expected to be a German national The wedding was believed to had taken place outside Ghana.

The video has since been trending on social media with many people condemning the act. A few others have however called for tolerance and respect for human rights.

Per the video intercepted by, it was clear the Ghanaian man will be performing the female role in the marriage.

In other pictures, Cosmos was in African wear designed in half feminine half masculine fashion. The wedding was heavily attended by their gay friends and family who took turns to take pictures with the newly wedded couple.


Attendees to the wedding sprayed money on the new couple as they danced their way to their new home. The couple was allegedly gifted a pink limousine car from the gay community as a sign of love and support. Other details suggest that they will be moving to their new house in Germany.

Watch The Video Below:

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