Ghana Post failed to pay GH¢3.4M tax it deducted from staff salary


Ghana Post in 2018 deducted a total of GH¢3.4 million in taxes on staff salaries but failed to transfer the money to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) as expected.

This is according to a recent Auditor-General’s report.

The report, among other irregularities observed at Ghana Post, said the Pay As You Earn or PAYE if not given to the GRA will result in a penalty on the outstanding amount.

“Our review of the 2018 payroll disclosed that the Company deducted GH¢3,447,961.45 as PAYE from the salaries of employees but did not transfer same to the Ghana Revenue Authority,” the report stated.

Ghana Post was mandated to immediately make the payment of the deductions from the staff’s salaries on or before the 15th of the following month.

The Auditor-General, therefore, advised Ghana Post to ensure that the deducted GH¢3,447,961.45 is paid to the GRA.


“We recommended to Management to ensure that the deduction of GH¢3,447,961.45 is paid to GRA to avoid payment of penalty on the amount outstanding,” the report noted.

Other irregularities

Meanwhile, the report has indicated that Ghana Post was unable to recover an amount of GH¢1,511,431.83 owed it by various companies for Bulk and EMS services.

“We noted that Ghana Post was unable to recover an amount of GH¢1,511,431.83 as outstanding debt owed the Company for Bulk Mail and EMS services respectively. We urged Management to be proactive in the recovery of debt owed the Company in order to boost its revenue and enhance its operations.”



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