Driver in trouble after impregnating his Boss’s wife

Driver impregnating his Boss's wife
Driver impregnating his Boss's wife

Tony has left tongues wagging after confessing how he impregnated his ex-boss’s wife at a house he worked as a driver.

Tony said he feels guilty because his boss was a good man and the thought that the child he is bringing up is not his is weighing him down.

Narrating his story, Tony shared:

‘I was employed as a private driver by my former boss. I would take him to work go back home and pick up the wife and drop her at work.

The boss was not fulfilling his conjugal rights and I found myself doing it for him.

I regretted what I had done because the wife to my boss got pregnant.”


“I want to let my boss know of my secret.

That the child he calls *Brian is mine. I got a message from his wife telling me she gave birth to our son.

The wife parted with her husband and shifted to Umoja and she now wants me to go and start living with her.

They parted because I quit my job and went back home, she then asked me to come back to Nairobi and she helped me get my current job.

Currently I work as a mechanic at an airport.” concluded Tony

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