National Association of Ashawo threaten to sue Amerado for accusing their service

Amerado and Ashawo
Amerado and Ashawo

Kumerican rapper, Amerado has irked the concerned prostitutes at Lapaz after he alleged that rapper, Obibini has been a regular customer at the joint.

Amerados’s emotionally filled track titled “The Throne” which is a reply from Obibini has gained him a threat by the Ashawos at Lapaz. In Amerado’s “The Throne” song, he accused Obibini of sleeping with prostitutes at Lapaz.

The Ashawo’s at Lapaz apparently have a united front as they have issued a statement through their lawyers. The National Association of Ashawo, Lapaz Branch has provided some conditions for Amerado to fulfill or risk facing them in court.

According to the Ashawo’s, their sales went down by 50% after Amerado fired at them with his derogatory tone.


In a related development, Obibini’s diss song to Amerado has garnered lots of reactions from netizens as they listened to it.

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Ashawo Press

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