Every NABCO beneficiaries to be placed in permanent employment – Nana Addo


President Akufo-Addo has stated that 73,844 Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) beneficiaries out of 92,000 trainees who took part in the Career Pathway Transition Process (CPTP) will be placed by the end of the period.

The President says this would pave the way for another set of unemployed graduates into the Scheme.

According to the President, some have gained permanent employment whereas, others want to establish their businesses.

He assured Ghanaians that by the end of October 2021, Ghanaians would see a significant transformation around NABCO.

He further disclosed that the government would not extend the period for current beneficiaries.

To extend the period he noted would prevent other persons from benefiting from the NABCO.

He added that we got a significant number of beneficiaries being absorbed into the various sectors of our economy.


He urged the beneficiaries to respond to the questionnaires they were given to give the government an idea of their number and where they could be placed after their period at NABCO is over.

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) programme is a government initiative to address graduate unemployment to solve social problems. The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance, and drive revenue mobilization and collection.

The objectives of the programme are to: Provide temporary employment to unemployed graduates, Improve skills and employability for, the transition from programme to permanent employment, Improve public service delivery, Improve on government revenue mobilization and provide needed infrastructure to improve access to basic public services.

Under the programme, graduates are trained, equipped with the necessary work tools and deployed around the country to engage in the following programmes:

• Educate Ghana
• Heal Ghana
• Feed Ghana
• Revenue Ghana
• Digitize Ghana
• Civic Ghana
• Enterprise Ghana

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