AcebergTM, Africa’s young super music talent Drops Sizzling New Track “Bella” Under SJW Label


For AcebergTM, Africa’s most celebrated young artist and Nigeria’s fast-rising celebrity singer and rapper, nothing compares with the passion to make songs that speaks to the heart and mind. In this trend of dazzling with new vibes, AcebergTM has released yet another of his latest track.

“Bella” is the second lead track off AcebergTM’s debut EP “Far From Home”. The track shows how true love conquers all and how it should be expressed.

On April 16th, 2021, the world received with applause the debut EP “Far from Home”, which was a six-tracked epic piece of artistic work showcasing AcebergTM’s unique talent infusing his rap and hip-hop skills to create incredible music. The EP has enjoyed more than 5 million organic streams across all platforms.


Off the same EP was the lead track ‘Danca’ which was dropped on March 26th, 2021. With sensuous melodies, clever word play, and lyrical flow, AcebergTM and one of Nigeria’s foremost music producers – Kel P, delivered a rapturous blend of pop and afrobeat genres. He talks about savoring special moments with a love interest and his swirling passions.

AcebergTM is signed to one of Nigeria’s foremost recording labels, Sir Justine Worldwide Entertainment – SJW.

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