Enroll Your Children In Govt Schools If You’ve Made Education Better -Teacher Kwadwo To Politicians


Popular Ghanaian comedian and trained teacher, Michael Owusu Afriyie, also known as Teacher Kwadwo has challenged leading politicians to enroll their wards in Government schools, popularly referred to as Cyto if they think they have made the education system better.

The Comedian who has been on a campaign to reveal the poor nature of the country’s educational system said he will be glad if the Ministers who continuously claim they have made the country’s education system better would enroll their kids in the Government schools.

“They continuously claim that they have made the country’s education system better, but the question is if they have made it better why do they not enroll their children in the same schools but are rather taking them abroad for schooling…?,” he asked.


In an interview on Kofi TV, the pupils teacher said he would accept this propaganda if the Ministers especially bring their children home for schooling.

To him, the lack of infrastructure in several government schools are very appalling and need repair.

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