Students arrested and fined for stealing teacher’s goats and fowls

students of the St. Benedict SHTS
students of the St. Benedict SHTS

Four final year students of the St. Benedict SHTS in Navrongo, have had to squeeze Ghc500 each for stealing fowls and goats belonging to the Senior Housemaster of the school.

According to a report by Dreamzfm, ‘found the students guilty of stealing 5 fowls of the Senior Housemaster in a rainy night and subsequently, preparing the chicken in the school’s dormitory contrary to the rules and regulations of the school‘.

“The students reportedly passed through rain in the night of Thursday, July 8, 2021 to the teacher’s residence and made away with 5 fowls. Luck, however, eluded them when the Senior Housemaster, who had suspected them, traced and caught them red-handed at about 1: 00am in a cubicle in the School’s dormitory where they had finished preparing the chicken and were about consuming. A search said to have been carried out in the cubicle found bones believed to be those of animals they had stolen and consumed“.

The report further added that “ They were immediately arrested by the police following a complaint by the school’s Principal but granted bail the next day and, subsequently referred to the school’s Disciplinary Committee to face disciplinary actions.


The Disciplinary Committee, after its investigation, found the 4 students guilty of stealing, illegal connection of electricity and cooking and, possession of weapons and electrical gadgets among other charges contrary to the school’s rules and regulations and recommended their suspension indefinitely.

In addition, they are to pay GH₵500 each for the 5 fowls they stole and two goats that got lost earlier.

They will, however, be allowed to sit for their final examination which commences in few days time but are instructed to only come to the school in the company of their parents 30 minutes to a paper  and leave immediately after sitting for each paper.

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