Overloaded truck gets stuck under Achimota overheard [video]

Overloaded truck
Overloaded truck

There was a bit of drama on the Achimota stretch of the Accra-Kumasi Highway on Saturday, August 7,2021.

A long vehicle truck carrying assorted goods including gallongs of cooking oil got stuck under one of the overhead bridges along the route.

From what has gathered from social media user, the truck goods-carrying truck was overloaded and way above the height to pass under the bridge.

Many roads with overhead bridges like those on the Achimota stretch have a height clearance of five metres.

This means a vehicle and its load must not be up to five metres to pass under the bridges or even use the road since one has to definitely pass under one when plying the oute.


But it looks the driver of this vehicle did not adhere to the height clearance regualtion and has ended in a bad situation.

In a video which has been sighted, the truck is seen under the bridge with some people trying to remove of some of the goods.

Standing by is another vehicle which is empty and ready to pickup the excess goods in order to free the stuck vehicle.

Video Below:

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