How to use cassava stem, charcoal and garlic to drive bad spirits away from your home

Cassava stems, charcoal and garlic
Cassava stems, charcoal and garlic

Cassava stems, charcoal and garlic can be combined together in a special proportion to drive evil spirit away from your home or vicinity.

These three items when put together could becomes a spiritual weapon to prevent evil spirits from carrying out their operations in your neighbourhood. Even though, the spiritual efficacy of these items to destroy demonic powers cannot be scientifically verified, it is strongly believed to possess some supernatural powers.

Evil spirits are powerful forces of darkness that operates in the spirit realm to attack victims whose lives are not protected by higher powers. It is only a higher supernatural force that could resist these evil powers.

God in his infinite wisdom created all things including plants and herbs for different purposes. Some plants are believed to possess spiritual powers to be used for protection. These powers cannot be scientifically proved with empirical evidence.

The cassava plant is believed to have some spiritual powers besides its physical use as edible plant. Both the leaves and tubers of the cassava plant are edible.The plant is also effective for neutralising poison from snake bites.

Charcoal is made from wood that undergoes intensive burning process. The fire is extinguished when the wood is completely burnt to become charcoal. This burning process is spiritually believed to make charcoal a spiritual force to reckon with. That probably explains why charcoal is added to a cup of water to revoke a curse in Africa.

The last ingredient garlic is also believed to possessed a strong herbal power that drives evil spirits away on encounter.

These three items can be combined in a particular dimension to keep evil spirit away from your home or environment.


How to use cassava stem, charcoal and garlic against evil spirits.

These items can be combined in the following proportion to drive evil spirits away from your dwelling place.

(1) Cut four fresh stems of cassava with a length of at least 100 centimetres each from your own farm.

(2) Get four pieces of charcoal and wrap them nicely in a white handkerchief.

(3) Buy four pieces of garlic from the market. Any kind of garlic can do. The most important is the powerful smell in it.

After securing these items, take one item from each and group the three items into four groups. Thus one cassava stem, one piece of charcoal and one piece of garlic in each of the four divisions.

Then, put each division in the four corners of your living room. That’s all. The items could be there for many days. Any spirit that sees these items in the four corners of your room will turn back and come again later. If it comes and sees them on several occasions, then attacking you spiritually in your living room will become impossible. They will look for alternative means by arranging a trip for you to sleep at a place without these protective spiritual items.

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