How To Perform Self Click On Your Google Adsense Ads Without Getting Banned

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Google Adsense Click Through Rate (CTR)
This is one feature in Google Adsense that many Adsense publishers do not seem to take very seriously and I wonder why.

Your Adsense CTR accounts for the number of clicks on your Adsense ad alongside your traffic.

If you are always having a high CTR (maybe above 2%) on your Adsense ad judging from your Adsense traffic report, you will have to consider doing something about it as this might cause or result to permanent ban being placed on your account.

When your Google Adsense CTR is gradually increasing, it simply means your website ad click is quite getting close to your website traffic and this isn’t a good feeling.

Sometime, I read an article about what Adsense CTR should you worry about on Qoura.

“The simple answer to the question is this: you have to worry about Adsense CTR above 2%”.

This is one of the reasons you get your account banned without knowing fully well what it means.

Now when I said that those using VPN for ad clicks are using the old format and will get their accounts banned easily is because while using VPN for ad clicks, you will always experience a high CTR and consequently ban might follow.

Now, if you wish to use self click on your Adsense ad to increase your earnings, we are about to drop with you the guide to do that without facing Adsense ban.

Tips for safe Google Adsense self clicking

Make sure you have enough traffic
With reference to what we wrote above on an experience a fellow blogger had with several views without any ad click, if you have ever found yourself in such a situation, you can perform self click on your account as your CTR will never go too high.

This is why we said you must have huge traffic before you can perform self click on your account.

Make sure you keep your CTR below 1.50%
Keeping your Google Adsense CTR below the rift is a very lucreative practice as this will never attract or warrant Adsense ban from the Google Adsense team.

This can only be achieved by placing less ad on a website and focusing more on bringing in more traffic so as to reduce the CTR.

Click at 1 hour intervals to avoid being noticed
The Google Adsense team used to monitor the time interval at which clicks occur in publishers accounts so as to ascertain if these clicks are intentional or not.

If you space the time of your clicks too far, it will be almost impossible for Google Adsense team to detect invalid clicks or self clicks.


This will limit you to 10-24 clicks daily allowing for low CTR considering your traffic size.

Click a maximum of 15 ad daily and allow other clicks come naturally
Since we are targeting to increase Adsense revenue, you should try as much to click minimal ad daily and allow the rest clicks to come naturally so as not to allow yout CTR going too high.

If your normal clicks to ads daily ranges from 5-10, you can perform self click at the range of 10-15 ads and still not get infringed with high CTR that might lead to ban.

Always stay above 5 minutes in each ad clicked
If you do not know this then I suppose you’re a newbie.

For PTC websites, you will be instructed to stay above 2 minutes in any ad clicked and this is as a result that several Google Adsense advertisers tend to have a time frame they expect interested visitors to last in their ads before they make payment.

This is why according to Adsense, every click must come naturally and as such you will need to stay longer than 2 minutes in any ad clicked on your website.

Always perform readability of about 3 minutes before clicking on any ad
Some persons just come to their websites and jump into ad clicks immediately.

This is wrong.

When you visit your own website with the intent to perform self click, take your time like a normal web visitor, explore the website, read the post slowly and finally land a click on an ad and leave it to load well so as to suggest real human behaviour.

This is a must do if you wish to perform a perfectly safe self click on your website.

Visit your website through out going links, search results and shares
You must always try not to be a direct visitor but try to be a referring visitor.
If you build your self click on ads on the basis of being a direct visitor to your URL, it might not go down well with you so this is why we recommend you come through shared links, search engine results and other links.

Now can we wrap up?

If you happened to make use of this our specified steps, you can click on your own ad without having to worry about being permanently banned from the program.

Also recall never to visit your website with a phone or a laptop with your Google Adsense gmail signed in because this will call for immediate ban notwithstanding what we already discussed above here.

You can now click on your own ads and generate revenue for yourself daily.

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