14 year old boy accusing a 16 year old pregnant girl of forcing herself on him (video)


It was excitement and fun on Nhyira FM’s popular program Obra when 14 year old boy accuses 16 year pregnant girl of forcing herself on him.

The 14 year old boy accused the 16 year old girl of forcing herself on him which lead to the pregnancy while the 16 year old girl (Cindy) also accused Kenneth for forcing himself on her.

The host of the program was not convinced at all based on the explanation given by both of them so the host of the program asked Kenneth to explain what happened exactly.


According to Kenneth, “they always play naughty games during their leisure time so one afternoon after they have closed from school, he was wearing only boxer short and Cindy went into his room wearing only under pants and they started their usual naughty fun game.

As the play was ongoing, he realized that Cindy has pull down his boxer short he was wearing to force herself on him which he also could not resist the temptation by Cindy and that lead to the Cindy’s pregnancy”.

Watch The Video Below:

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