Man Dies After Spending a Night in His Older Girlfriend’s House

David Kibirege
David Kibirege

After his body was discovered lifeless inside his accused lover’s house, David Kibirege, a 30-year-old Christian University student, left many in a gloomy mood.

The Ugandan law student was in his lover’s apartment in Lubanga Village, Jinja South Division, for his last year of studies.

It was established that the dead was dating Rita Ojuki, a lady 9 years his senior, until his death; nonetheless, it is assumed that the guy committed himself, as the deceased’s family is still investigating the death of one of their kin.

David and Kiberege had been in an on-again, off-again relationship for around 6 months, according to Kiberege’s relatives, but there was no indication that David would kill him one day. According to the deceased’s father, John Kasule, he received a call from an unknown number on Sunday, July 25, 2021, instructing him to rush to Rita’s residence with a car.


He was unable to obtain a car due to the fact that it was still after curfew hours; nonetheless, he was able to obtain a bodaboda and rushed to the location where he was directed. When John arrived, he was surprised to discover a large gathering outside.

He was further moved when he overheard people whispering in hushed tones that his son had been slain. The deceased lover is currently being held in police custody while investigations continue.

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