Using condoms during intercourse means you are sleeping with the wrong person’- Lady argues


Men who use condoms, according to a Nigerian woman, do so because they are having sex with the wrong person.

According to her, having protected intercourse with another person means the girl isn’t trustworthy or, to put it bluntly, she’s not the proper person. Using a condom, she believes, would be unnecessary if they were meant for each other and valued one other. Using a condom means you’re having sex with someone you’re not meant to be having sex with, she added.

She thinks if you love the person and you are ready to marry why should you be afraid if she gets pregnant. If you sleep with her using a condom that means you don’t love her because if you are serious with her you will not be afraid of her getting pregnant.


In my view, I might agree with her but sometimes using condoms doesn’t mean you don’t love her but maybe you know that if you get her pregnant right now you won’t be able to take good care of her. So sometimes financial problems are the cause of people using condoms when they are not ready to take care of a child and also to build a brighter future.


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