I prefer to be a tree in UK than to be a human being in Ghana – Avraham Ben Moshe


According to the social media commentators, the flora and fauna of the Western world have freedom and better institutions than humans in Ghana.

Avraham boldly stated that Ghana’s system cannot be used to handle American animals because it is barbaric.

The Antichrist made this shocking but interesting presentation, while criticizing the poor leadership of the Ghanaian leaders his and inability to see the future.


He said that he would rather be a factory in the UK with freedom and a good system than be a man in Ghana and live under oppression. Avraham Ben Moshe was one of the few people who stood up and vowed to make sacrifices for Ghana’s progress.

Although he is not a member of the FixTheCountry convener, he has promised to lead the FixTheCountry rally to be held on August 4, 2021, only for justice for ordinary Ghanaians.

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