The God you promise should help you build Cathedral not Ghanaians – Akua Donkor to Nana Addo

Akua Donkor and Nana Addo
Akua Donkor and Nana Addo

The founder and leader of the Ghana Freedom Party, Madam Akua Donkor has speak against the collection of funds by the government to build a national cathedral.

Speaking in an interview earlier today, Madam Akua Donkor stated that President Akufo-Addo should be able to build the cathedral on his own.

According to her, if the President of the country cannot afford to build the cathedral on his own which he told Ghanaians as a promise he made to God then he shouldn’t expect the citizens to do that.


She said that if held the office of president, she would not ask for public donations as promise made to God and that same God should help Nana Addo in building the Cathedral rather than asking ghanaians. Akua Donkor also stated that she was disappointed with the decision made by the president and his government.

“I am very disappointed in you (President Nana Addo). As the President of the country, you should be able to build that cathedral on your own and nobody ask you to promise God. There is no need to ask individuals to support you. If you can’t afford to build the cathedral on your own, then don’t expect anyone to do that or better still, Ask the God you promise”, she said.

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