Lady cause stirs after getting married to her dream man she found on social media


A young lady Dami found her true love on social media after a responding to a message in her inbox. She said the message has been there for days before one afternoon she decided to respond to the young man.

The young man requested for her number but she was a bit reluctant because the rampage in kidnapped case in the country. After thinking about it for sometime, she decided to give him a try by giving out her number.

According to her the young guy has vibes and has keep the conversation going for 2 years. And finally propose marriage to her, she happily accepted and took to Twitter to celebrate her union.

She advised young ladies not to be hard on men they meet on social media and always open up for opportunities. The young man according to her has accomplished much in life.


A lot of her friends congratulate her and wish her well. Some friends as were surprised as they asked if there’s another Twitter apart from the one they are using.

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