It’s hype for a movie – Dr UN opens up on ‘impregnating’ a 17-year-old girl


After Kwame Fordjour presented false UN awards to many celebrities in Ghana, known as Dr. UN, she responded to a woman’s claim that he was pregnant. According to him,

this is a scene in the movie, and the pregnancy interviews are all intended to exaggerate the movie and make the people of Ghana look forward to what is about to happen. “This is a movie, we will release it on August 27th, that is my birthday, and my music album will be released soon,” he said in an interview with TV3’s Joseph Armstrong.

A 17-year-old woman who claimed to be Matilda claimed that Dr. UN made her pregnant and refused to take responsibility. The woman who spoke to GhPage in an interview said that she was dating Dr. UN, but after she became pregnant, the man refused to accept her. He stated that Dr. UN would not answer his call.


Even if he did, he would make excuses to say that he was studying his music and therefore needed calm. The young woman said in an interview: “When I call, I do not answer him. When I answer, he tells me that he is busy writing his songs, so he needs to work calmly.”

He took this opportunity to plead with the United Nations doctor to take responsibility for his actions, saying “I don’t want to have a bastard.”

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