SAD NEWS: 20 Somalian Professional players burn to ashes

JCCI FC in somalia
JCCI FC in somalia

Somalia has been hit with tragedy following a car accident. JCCI FC, a top-flight club in Somalia were involved in a car explosion.

The pathetic incident saw twenty (20) players of the newly promoted Somalia Premier League outfit involved in a terrorist incident and a bomb explosion in Kissimio.

Police officer Mohamed Sadiq, who attended to the incident, said they believe the explosive device was planted on the bus, indicating a possibility of a suicide attack.

“The players were riding in a bus when the explosion went off, presumably inside the vehicle. There are investigations going on but we presume the device was planted onto the bus,” said Sadiq,


Somalia’s president, Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed, has sent his condolences to the families of the victims and blamed the attack on Al-Shabaab terrorists.

However, the group has not yet publicly assumed responsibility for the explosion.

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