Men Are So Stupid! Thank God I’m Not A Man Anymore – Bobrisky Reacts To Viral Post


Nigeria’s doll Bobrisky has given her opinion on issues and is praising God for her decision to opt out of the male gender.

Her comment comes after a viral post on social media which has a young man tell his long term girlfriend that he will be getting married over the weekend.

He told her, he doesn’t want them to be enemies but good friends and he wishes her all the best in all that he does. He further told her that, God proposes and man disposes and so she should find a place in her heart to forgive her.

Bobrisky posted the snap message with the caption: “If I were the lady, I will thank God for not letting me end up with such a fool”.

She added that there is nothing more to say and it is the audacity of the guy which kills her. She was of the opinion that men are will always disgrace ladies and said she is thankful that she has left the gender.


She further threw low shots and referred to them as such a stupid gender.

There was vawulence in the comment section of blogs as usual and as there were a lot of posts which did not agree with her sentiments.

Bobrisky perhaps must not be extremely bothered about the number of disagreements as she may be used to getting backlash.

As attention seeking as she may be, she definitely knew her opinions will call for a lot of negativity and that will be the reason why she will go all out to cause chaos. It seems to work every time and this time is definitely no different.

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