Angry fishermen reject Hawa Koomson bags of rice at Elmina: Shaming her in songs


Angry Fishermen at Elmina reject rice and oil from the Fisheries Minister Hawa Rambo Koomson. First it was Damongo. Now it is Elmina.

Politicians have many tactics for distracting their followers, one of which is tapping into well established societal prejudices.

When the people become too angry at their useless representatives, they immediately elevate an issue (usually a social issue) set to energize the populace but which won’t bring any tangible change in their lives.
The country was hot. Fix the country was trending everywhere. For the first time in a long time Ghanaians were actually insanely pissed and demanding accountability from their leaders.

What’s happening now? Fix the country is dead. A set of lawmakers are targeting gays with a ridiculous new law which makes no sense but which people are supporting wholeheartedly because their prejudices have been triggered.

All of a sudden, dormant lawmakers who have done fuck all for their people are being hailed as heroes. Criminals in suits who have looted this country and left their people in crippling poverty are being fellated everywhere they turn.


What an Unspeakable Bespeakable Despicable Backwardness. There is NO National Plan to Develop Ghana‘s Eroding Corroding Human Resource.We are Left with Empty Cups in Our Hands Yet Politicians Tell us THOSE CUPS ARE FULL!

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The Untrammeled Time has come and Now is. For the YOUTH TO RISE and DEMAND Nothing Less But The BEST. Else the Future is a Bleak Peak of Tumultuous Boisterousity!

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