No Man Born of A Woman Can Save Moesha from her Madness – Prophet


Self-trained prophet Ibrahim Dauda, known in showbiz as Ibrah One, has become a prophet of doom but only working from his room.

Unlike the other prophets of doom who have churches fulll of church members listening to their grim prophecies, Ibra only sits in his room, takes his phone and causes a stir.

No one should actually take him seriously but since he has the same success rate as most of the prophets out there, we guess his prophecies are just as good as those from Badu Kobi or Eagle Prophet!

Ibrah has spoken out on Moesha’s current dilemma and claims he knows what happened.

As we al know, the actress is currently in hiding, healing from some mental trauma she suffered.

In the physical world, we think Moesha had a sort of psychotic break after becoming a pauper from donating all she owns after she converted to Christianity.

She couldn’t handle her new reality of being a poor person and her brain just snappped.


In the spiritual realm, Ghanaians have a 1,000 more explanations for what is happening to her.

Some of the popular theories include one that says she saw some ‘juju’ belonging to a top Nigerian pastor who has cursed her.

Another theory is from Ibra one who claims Moesha went to India for juju to charm sugar daddies and that has now backfired on her.

Ibrah now has an update on the issue and claims Moesha is truly mad and she is never coming back to normal.

According to him, there is nobody on this earth that can bring Moesha back to normalcy.

He wrote: “Moesha is mad and can never come back to normal again, nobody on earth can bring her back to normal again,”

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